Dealer transfers, where you have a firearm shipped to us are welcome and are subject to the same fees as private party transfers.

Need a private party transfer? We do that too!! A transfer fee of $19.50 per gun and the standard CBI background check fee of $10.50. We make it quick, easy, and cheap to transfer guns in compliance with all state of Colorado laws.

Colorado State laws require that all firearms being sold from person to person have a background check preformed on the buyer (transferee) prior to the firearm being transferred.

What do we need to do it? Both parties present (the buyer and seller) at the time of transfer. Both parties Driver’s licenses (or Colorado state issued ID card) with current address on them. The $20 transfer fee, and the $10.50 CBI background check fee.

Any questions regarding whether you need a background check for a transfer or to set up a time to have a transfer completed feel free to contact us.